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Advanced Functional Materials (2020)

Fang J, Koh J, Fang Q, Qui H, Archang M, Hasani-Sadrabadi M, Miwa H, Zhong X, Sievers R, Gao D, Lee R, Di Carlo D, Li S

Small (2019)
Koh J, Griffin DR, Archang MM, Feng A, Horn T, Margolis M, Zalazar D, Segura T, Scumpia P, Di Carlo D
Advanced Functional Materials (2019)
de Rutte J, Koh J, and Di Carlo D
Microsystems and Nanoengineering (2018)
Wu CY, Stoecklein D, Kommajosula, Lin J, Owsley K, Ganapathysubramanian B, Di Carlo D
Advanced Materials (2018)
Tay A, Sohrabi A, Poole K, Seidlits S, and Di Carlo D
Biophysical Journal (2017)
Kittur H, Tay A, Hua A, Yu M, and Di Carlo D
Scientific Reports (2016)
Sung K, Ding Y, Ma J, Chen H, Huang V, cheng M, Yang CF, Kim JT, Eguchi D, Di Carlo D, Hsiai TK, Nakano, and Kulkarni RP
Nature Materials (2015)
Griffin DR, Weaver WM, Scumpia PO, Di Carlo D, and Segura T
Advanced Materials (2015)
Tseng P, Lin J, Owsley K, Kong JE, Kunze A, Murray C, and Di Carlo D
PLoS ONE (2014)
Tseng P, Pushkarsky I, and Di Carlo D
Tseng P, Di Carlo D,  and Judy JW
Nano Letters (2009)


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